About Our School

“A school is privileged place in which through a living encounter with a cultural inheritance integral formation occurs” (Catholic Sch. No. 26)

Our Lady’s Nursery & Primary School- English Medium School was opened in June 1965. It has grown in popularity through the years and has catered to hundreds of children whose parents opted for English medium education. The formative talks given to the teachers and the characteristic method of ‘Loving Kindness’ imparted to the children have won the deep appreciation of both parents and well wishers. Many of the children are graduates and earning members, look with nostalgia to their early childhood days at Our Lady’s centre and long to see it raised to Hr. Sec. school.
The goal of our educative Endeavour’s will always be to produce in a salesian atmosphere of Joy, intellectually enlightened, spiritually well oriented, morally upright citizens of tomorrow.

The educative Community consisting of Salesian sisters, Staff, parents, and Past Pupils are working together as a well knit body for the betterment of the school regarding building aid, discipline, progress and scholastic excellence. With the opening of higher standards from year to year we expect Our Lady’s Centre to become a real School Home to all the children who centre there. It was be a real boon to families in the surrounding areas, which lack a much needed English Medium School, where English is the spoken language among children.

May the light of this alma matter be a burning Torch of learning and a Hope to generations to come. The Management re- dedicates itself to work o its founder “Dare and Hope”. We now joyfully exclaim “Excelsion” and Buoyantly start the new scholastic year.

This school is a minority institution intended primarily to promote the educational interests of the Catholics. Members of other communities may be admitted at the absolute discretion of the management.
The medium of instruction is English while Tamil is taught as second Language.